Publications of Xin Yao

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Journal Article
Yao, X.; Muñoz Sepúlveda, P. A.; Büchner, J.: Non-thermal electron velocity distribution functions due to 3D kinetic magnetic reconnection for solar coronal plasma conditions. Physics of Plasmas 29 (2), 022104 (2022)
Journal Article
Yao, X.; Muñoz, P. A.; Büchner, J.; Zhou, X.; Liu, S.: The effects of density inhomogeneities on the radio wave emission in electron beam plasmas. Journal of Plasma Physics 87 (2), 905870203 (2021)
Journal Article
Zhou, X.; Munoz, P. A.; Büchner, J.; Liu, S.; Yao, X.: Wave Excitation by Power-law-Distributed Energetic Electrons with Pitch-angle Anisotropy in the Solar Corona. The Astrophysical Journal 920 (2), 147 (2021)
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