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Journal Article
Cloutis, E. A.; Sanchez, J. A.; Reddy, V.; Gaffey, M. J.; Binzel, R. P.; Burbine, T. H.; Hardersen, P. S.; Hiroi, T.; Lucey, P. G.; Sunshine, J. M. et al.; Tait, K. T.: Olivine-metal mixtures: Spectral reflectance properties and application to asteroid reflectance spectra. Icarus 252, pp. 39 - 82 (2015)
Journal Article
Kelley, M. S.; Gaffey, M. J.; Reddy, V.; Sanchez, J. A.: Surface composition of near-Earth Asteroid (4953) 1990 MU: Possible fragment of (6) Hebe. Icarus 233, pp. 61 - 65 (2014)
Journal Article
Reddy, V.; Sanchez, J. A.; Bottke, W. F.; Cloutis, E. A.; Izawa, M. R. M.; O'Brien, D. P.; Mann, P.; Cuddy, M.; Le Corre, L.; Gaffey, M. J. et al.; Fujihara, G.: Chelyabinsk meteorite explains unusual spectral properties of Baptistina Asteroid Family. Icarus 237, pp. 116 - 130 (2014)
Journal Article
Sanchez, J.; Reddy, V.; Kelley, M.; Cloutis, E.; Bottke, W.; Nesvorny, D.; Lucas, M.; Hardersen, P.; Gaffey, M.; Abell, P. et al.; Le Corre, L.: Olivine-dominated asteroids: Mineralogy and origin. Icarus 228, pp. 288 - 300 (2014)
Journal Article
Thangjam, G.; Reddy, V.; Le Corre, L.; Nathues, A.; Sierks, H.; Hiesinger, H.; li, J.-Y.; Sanchez, J. A.; Russell, C. T.; Gaskell, R. et al.; Raymond, C.: Lithologic mapping of HED terrains on Vesta using Dawn Framing Camera color data. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 48, pp. 2199 - 2210 (2013)
Journal Article
Reddy, V.; Sanchez, J. A.; Nathues, A.; Moskovitz, N. A.; Li, J.-Y.; Cloutis, E. A.; Archer, K.; Tucker, R. A.; Gaffey, M. J.; Paul Mann, J. et al.; Sierks, H.; Schade, U.: Photometric, spectral phase and temperature effects on 4 Vesta and HED meteorites: Implications for the Dawn mission. Icarus 217, pp. 153 - 168 (2012)
Journal Article
Sanchez, J.; Reddy, V.; Nathues, A.; Cloutis, E.; Mann, P.; Hiesinger, H.: Phase reddening on near-Earth asteroids: Implications for mineralogical analysis, space weathering and taxonomic classification. Icarus 220, pp. 36 - 50 (2012)
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