Publications of Roland Bodmer

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Bodmer, R.; Bochsler, P.: Influence of Coulomb collisions on isotopic and elemental fractionation in the solar wind acceleration process. Journal Geophysical Research 105, p. 47 (2000)
Journal Article
Wilhelm, K.; Bodmer, R.: Solar EUV and UV emission line observations above a polar coronal hole. Space Science Reviews 85, pp. 371 - 378 (1998)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Kallenbach, R.; Ipavich, F. M.; Galvin, A. B.; Bodmer, R.; Hefti, S.; Kucharek, H.; Gliem, F.; Grünwaldt, H.; Hilchenbach, M.; Klecker, B. et al.; Hovestadt, D.; the CELIAS Team: Limits to the fractionation of isotopes in the solar wind as observed with SOHO/CELIAS/MTOF. In: Proc. 31st ESLAB Symp. ``Correlated Phenomena at the Sun, in the Heliosphere and in Geospace'', ESTEC, pp. 33 - 37 (Ed. Wilson, A.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (1997)
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