Publications of Vincent G. A. Böning

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Böning, V. G. A.; Wulff, P.; Dietrich, W.; Wicht, J.; Christensen, U. R.: Direct driving of simulated planetary jets by upscale energy transfer. Astronomy and Astrophysics 670, p. A15 (2023)
Journal Article
Böning, V. G. A.; Birch, A.; Gizon, L.; Duvall, T.: Helioseismological determination of the subsurface spatial spectrum of solar convection: Demonstration using numerical simulations. Astronomy and Astrophysics 649, A59 (2021)
Journal Article
Böning, V. G. A.; Birch, A.; Gizon, L.; Duvall, T.; Schou, J.: Characterizing the spatial pattern of solar supergranulation using the bispectrum. Astronomy and Astrophysics 635, A181 (2020)
Journal Article
Böning, V. G. A.; Hu, H.; Gizon, L.: Signature of solar g modes in first-order p-mode frequency shifts. Astronomy and Astrophysics 629, A26 (2019)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Böning, V. G. A.: Ambiguity of the Solar Meridional Flow. In: Long-term Datasets for the Understanding of Solar and Stellar Magnetic Cycles. Proceedings of the IAU Symposium, No. 340, Vol. 13, pp. 13 - 14 (Eds. Banerjee, D.; Jiang, J.; Kusano, K.; Solanki, S.). (2018)

Talk (2)

Böning, V. G. A.: Solar interior flows: Recent results and current challenges. 2018 SDO Science Workshop “Catalyzing Solar Connections”, Ghent, Belgium (2018)
Böning, V. G. A.: Inferences of the Deep Solar Meridional Flow. XXXth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, Vienna, Austria (2018)

Poster (1)

Böning, V. G. A.: Inversions for the Deep Solar Meridional Flow and the associated Error Analysis. IAU Symposia 340: Long-term datasets for the understanding of solar and stellar magnetic cycles, Jaipur, India (2018)
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