Publications of R. Zwick

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Hartmann, G. K.; Bevilacqua, R. M.; Schwartz, P. R.; Kämpfer, N.; Künzi, K. F.; Aellig, C. P.; Berg, A.; Boogaerts, W.; Connor, B. J.; Croskey, C. L. et al.; Daehler, M.; Degenhardt, W.; Dicken, H. D.; Goldizen, D.; Kriebel, D.; Langen, J.; Loidl, A.; Olivero, J. J.; Pauls, T. A.; Puliafito, S. E.; Richards, M. L.; Rudin, C.; Tsou, J. J.; Waltman, W. B.; Umlauft, G.; Zwick, R.: Measurements of O3, H2O and ClO in the middle atmosphere using the Millimeter-Wave Atmospheric Sounder (MAS). Geophysical Research Letters 23, pp. 2313 - 2316 (1996)
Journal Article
Witte, M.; Rosenbauer, H.; Keppler, E.; Fahr, H.; Hemmerich, P.; Lauche, H.; Loidl, A.; Zwick, R.: The interstellar neutral-gas experiment on ULYSSES. Astronomy and Astrophysics 92, pp. 333 - 348 (1992)
Journal Article
Rosenbauer, H.; Grunwaldt, H.; Livi, S.; Witte, M.; Zwick, R.: The mass-separating ion spectrometer on the AMPTE ion-release module. IEEE Trans, Geosci. Remote Sensing GE-23 (3), pp. 280 - 286 (1985)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Hartmann, G. K.; Degenhardt, W.; Zwick, R.; Liebe, H. J.; Hufford, G. A.; Cotton, M. G.: Zeeman splitting of the 61 GHz (9+) O2 line in the upper atmosphere measured by MAS. In: Proc. IGARSS'94 on Surface and Atmospheric Remote Sensing: Technologies, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Pasadena, Vol. III, pp. 1338 - 1340 (Ed. Stein, T. I.). Publ. Services IEEE, Piscataway, N. J. (1994)
Conference Paper
Stubbe, P.; Kopka, H.; Zwick, R.: On the ionospheric modification experiment projected at MPI Lindau: Practival realization. In: AGARD Artificial Modification of Propagation Media, p. 10-1-10-7. (1977)
Conference Paper
Stubbe, P.; Kopka, H.; Zwick, R.: Das geplante Lindauer Heating-Experiment: Möglichkeiten zur technischen Realisierung. In: Kleinheubacher Berichte, pp. 631 - 636. (1976)
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