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Conference Paper
Preusse, S.; Kopp, A.; Büchner, J.; Motschmann, U.: Magnetic communication scenarios for close-in extrasolar planets. In: Status and prospects for hot Jupiter studies, Haute Provence Observatory Colloquium, August 22-25, 2005, pp. 1 - 8. (2005)
Conference Paper
Santos, J. C.; Büchner, J.; Alves, M. V.; Nikutowski, B.; Zhang, H.: Plasma flow velocities inferred from photospheric magnetic field observations - a comparison. In: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on Chromospheric and Coronal Magnetic Fields (Eds. Innes, D.; Lagg, A.; Solanki, S. K.; Danesy, D.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (2005)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Otto, A.: Magnetic coupling of photosphere and corona: MHD simulation for multi-wavelength observations. In: Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar Activity, pp. 353 - 356 (Eds. Stepanov, A. V.; Benevolenskaya, E. E.; Kosovichev, A. G.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2004)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Otto, A.: Coronal heating by transition region reconnection. In: Proc. of the SOHO15 ``Coronal Heating'' Workshop, 6-9 September 2004, pp. 23 - 28 (Eds. Ireland, J.; Walsh, R. W.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (2004)
Conference Paper
Silin, I.; Büchner, J.: 3D Vlasov-code simulations of instabilities of thin current sheets. In: Proc. XXVI International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, pp. 35 - 50 (Eds. Meichsner, J.; Loffhagen, D.; Wagner, H.-E.). University Greifswald, Greifswald (2003)
Conference Paper
Bedrich, S.; Lemke, N.; Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Woch, J.: SCHWARM - Microsatellite formation flying in the Earths's magnetosphere. In: Proc. Second International Workshop on Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying (Ed. Guelman, M.). Asher Space Research Institute, Technion City, Haifa (2001)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Korth, A.; Schwenn, R.: Die Einkopplung solarer Energie über die Magnetosphäre. In: Proc. National Space Weather Workshop, pp. 5 - 14 (Eds. Adrian, D.; Jakowski, N.; Wehrenpfennig, A.). DLR, Neustrelitz (2000)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Kamide, Y.; Ogino, T.; Otto, A.; Daly, P.; Korth, A.; Mall, U.; Vasyliūnas, V.; Wilken, B. et al.; Woch, J.: Numerical simulations for CLUSTER tested with EQUATOR-S and GEOTAIL. In: Cluster-II Workshop: Multiscale/Multipoint Plasma Measurements, pp. 219 - 226 (Ed. Harris, R. A.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (2000)
Conference Paper
Savin, S.; Pissarenko, N.; Lutsenko, V.; Kirpichev, I.; Budnik, E.; Borodkova, N.; Nozdrachev, M.; Zelenyi, L.; Romanov, V.; Sandahl, I. et al.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Blecki, J.; Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Gustafsson, G.; Stasiewicz, K.; Russell, C. T.; Korepanov, V.: Turbulent boundarry layer as a source of the accelerated ionospheric particles. In: Proceedings of the Second Alfven Conference, pp. 123 - 128. (2000)
Conference Paper
Zelenyi, L. M.; Galperin, Y. I.; Veselov, M. V.; Savin, S. P.; Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Kunitsyn, V. E.; Silin, I. V.; Vasyliūnas, V.; Woch, J. et al.; Sosnovets, E. N.; Pulinets, S. A.: Methods of small-scale multi-satellite measurements for project Roy. In: Cluster-II Workshop: Multiscale/Multipoint Plasma Measurements, pp. 249 - 256 (Ed. Harris, R. A.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (2000)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Vasyliūnas, V.; Woch, J.; Wiegelmann, T.; Axford, I.; Baumjohann, W.; Glassmeier, K.-H.; Auster, H.-U.; Fornacon, K.-H. et al.; Zelenyi, L. M.; Galperin, Y. I.; Savin, S. P.; Veselov, M. V.; Klimov, S. I.: SCHWARM - a swarm of small spacecraft to study plasma turbulence and magnetic field annihilation. In: Proc. 14th ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research, Potsdam, Germany, 31st May - 3rd June 1999, pp. 615 - 620 (Ed. Kaldeich-Schürmann, B.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (1999)
Conference Paper
Baker, D. N.; Pulkkinen, T. I.; Büchner, J.; Klimas, A.: Substorms: a global magnetospheric instability. In: Substorms-4, pp. 231 - 235 (Eds. Kokobun, S.; Kamide, Y.). Terra Scientific Publishing Company, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, London, Boston, Tokyo, Japan (1998)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.: Kinetic effects controlling the onset of 3-D tail reconnection large scale coherent reconnection. In: Substorms-4, pp. 461 - 466 (Eds. Kokobun, S.; Kamide, Y.). Terra Scientific Publishing Company, Tokyo, Kluwer, Dordrecht (1998)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Kuska, J.-P.: Newly developed 3D PIC code and its application to reconnection. In: Proc. Fifth Int. School/Symp. for Space Simulations (ISSS-5), pp. 186 - 189. Kyoto University, Kyoto (1997)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Kuska, J.-P.: New results about the cause of sudden magnetic detachments by three-dimensional spontaneous magnetic reconnection. In: Proc. 31st ESLAB Symp. ``Correlated Phenomena at the Sun, in the Heliosphere and in Geospace'', ESTEC, pp. 131 - 138 (Ed. Wilson, A.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (1997)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.: Remote sensing of reconnection by multipoint particle observations in the Earth's magnetotail. COSPAR Information Bulletin, pp. 211 - 216 (1995)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Ashour-Abdalla, M.; Berchem, J.; Zelenyi, L. M.: Simulation of macroscopic signatures of microscopic chaos. In: Proc. 4th International School forspace simulation, Nara, April 1991, pp. 75 - 77. University of Kyoto Press, Kyoto, Japan (1991)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.; Kuznetsova, M.; Zelenyi, L. M.: Chaos and tearing mode instability. Geophysical Research Letters, pp. 385 - 388 (1991)
Conference Paper
Büchner, J.: Energetic particles in the magnetotail or: CLUSTER and REGATTA as a dispersiometer. In: Proc. Int. Workshop on Space Plasma Physics Investigations by CLUSTER and REGATTA, pp. 117 - 125. ESA Publications Division, Noordwijk, The Netherlands (1990)

Talk (22)

Büchner, J.: Collisionless magnetic reconnection in the solar corona. Colloquium Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal (2015)
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