Retreat 2018

September 10, 2018

10 - 14 September 2018

IMPRS Student Meeting, Working Groups, Discussions, Presentations (*)


Monday 10 September
08:00h Coach leaves from MPS in Göttingen
12:30h Arrival at Frankenakademie Castle Schney
12:30h Lunch
13:30h Guided tour
10:00h * Student Meeting
15:30h Coffee Break
16:00h * Workshop "Conflicts. Points of contact"
18:00h Dinner
19:30h * IMPRS Working Groups Set-Up
Tuesday 11 September
07:50h Breakfast
09:00h * IMPRS Working Groups
10:30h Coffee Break
11:00h * IMPRS Working Groups
12:00h Lunch
13:00h * Staffelberg excursion
18:00h Dinner
19:00h * Working Group Reports (I)
Wednesday 12 September
07:50h Breakfast
09:00h * Workshop "Working conditions and transparency"
10:30h Coffee break
11:00h * Workshop (cont'd)
12:00h Lunch
13:30h * Bus leaves to hydrogeological excursion
17:00h * Bus leaves to return from excursion
18:00h Dinner
20:00h * Student Representatives Working Group
21:00h * Stargazing & Planets
Thursday 13 September
07:15h Breakfast
08:45h Departure by Coach to Bamberg
10:00h Dr-Karl-Remeis-Sternwarte: Guided Tour (Sasaki)
12:00h Lunch
13:00h City Tour: Astronomy and History in Bamberg
15:45h Villa Remeis
16:30h Departure by Coach to Frankenakademie
18:00h Dinner
19:30h * Retreat 2019 Working Group
Friday 14 September
07:30h Breakfast
08:45h Moving out of the rooms
09:15h Departure to MPS by Coach
14:00h (estimated) Arrival at MPS in Göttingen

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