MPF Support for Sunrise III

June 19, 2020

The Max Planck Foundation evaluates Sunrise III highly and grants launch support

The Max-Planck-Förderstiftung (MPF, Referat für private Förderstiftung) evaluated a proposal for the support of the Sunrise III launch campaign positively. The application asked for covering the launch costs, from the transport of the observatory from MPS to Kiruna, travel costs to the launch costs itself (e.g. the filling of the balloon with Helium). The total amount of support is 811000€.

The MPS and the partner institutes highly appreciate this funding. It is not only a tremendous help for the Sunrise project, but also shows the relevance and importance of the project for the general public. 

See "Sonnenaktivität besser verstanden" on the homepage of the MPF.

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