Public Lecture Series: Science at the Göttingen Literaturherbst

Public Lecture Series:
Science at the Göttingen Literaturherbst

Internationally renowned scientists and non-fiction authors, exciting topics from current top research - this is the lecture series “Science at the Göttingen Literaturherbst” (German: Wissenschaft beim Göttinger Literaturherbst), which takes place as part of the annual literature festival "Göttinger Literaturherbst". In the unique atmosphere of the Paulinerkirche with its Gothic vaults and its collection of historical books, the lecturers present new insights from physics and astronomy, medicine and biology as well as the humanities, social sciences and economics.

The series is organized by the five Max Planck Institutes in Göttingen, the Göttingen State and University Library and the Literaturherbst GmbH.

The series took place for the 15th time this year. Previous speakers include Roger Penrose, Brian Greene, Harald Lesch, Steven Pinker, Gerd Gigerenzer and Jan Philipp Reemtsma. Every year, one or more lectures are in English.

Every year, one of the speakers is awarded the Science Communication Medal. In this way, persons are honored who have rendered outstanding services to presenting scientific research results to a broad public in an understandable way.

This year, the series "Wissenschaft beim Göttinger Literaturherbst" took place from 29 October to 6 November.

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