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Journal Article
Burlaga, L.; Lepping, R.; Weber, R.; Armstrong, T.; Goodrich, C.; Sullivan, J.; Gurnett, D.; Kellogg, P.; Keppler, E.; Mariani, F. et al.; Neubauer, F. M.; Rosenbauer, H.; Schwenn, R.: Interplanetary particles and fields, November 22 to December 6, 1977: Helios, Voyager, and IMP observations between 0.6 and 1.6 AU. Journal Geophysical Research 85, pp. 2227 - 2242 (1980)
Journal Article
Dum, C. T.; Marsch, E.; Pilipp, W.: Determination of wave growth from measured distribution functions and transport theory. Journal of Plasma Physics 23, pp. 91 - 113 (1980)
Journal Article
Schwenn, R.; Rosenbauer, H.; Mühlhäuser, K.-H.: Singly-ionized helium in the driver gas of an interplanetary shock wave. Geophysical Research Letters 7, pp. 201 - 204 (1980)

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Richter, A. K.; Schwenn, R.; Neubauer, F. M.: Nature and origin of corotating shock waves within 1 AU. Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie, Lindau (1980)
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