Invited speakers

1. Fundamental physical processes and modeling
Lei Ni: Connecting reconnection models to IRIS observations
Tom van Doorsselaere: Alfvén wave turbulence in coronal loops
Juan Martinez-Sykora: What does modeling the non-equilibrium chromosphere tell us about the reliability of IRIS diagnostics?
2. Chromospheric heating and dynamics
Sanja Danilovic: A modeler's perspective on UV bursts
Andreas Lagg: Magnetic field in the chromosphere
3. Magnetic coupling and mass flux through the atmosphere
Pradeep Chitta: Magnetic coupling through the atmosphere
Tiago Pereira:: Thermal coupling through the atmosphere
Shin Toriumi: Flux emergence and related IRIS observations
4. Eruptions in the solar atmosphere
Vanessa Polito: Connecting flares to the low atmosphere
Alphonse Sterling: What are the outstanding issues with jets?
Miho Janvier: What can IRIS observation tell us about modeling of eruptions?
5. Opportunities and challenges
Andres Asensio-Ramos: Machine learning to investigate magnetic field and other complex data sets
Alberto Sainz-Dalda: Machine learning and inversions of Mg II h/k spectra
Steven White: What can we really get from ALMA?
6. Science together with future facilities
Gianna Cauzzi:: New science windows with future ground-based observations
Nour-Eddine Raouafi: The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) and IRIS
Javier Trujillo-Bueno: Rocket science with IRIS: CLASP-1 and 2

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