Prof. Dr. James F. McKenzie

Prof. Dr. James F. McKenzie, emeritus scientist of the Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy, passed away on February 3rd, 2015 in Cambridge (England).

From 1988 until 2003, James F. McKenzie worked at the Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy, today’s Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research. As a specialist in the field of the physics of the heliosphere, he closely collaborated with Sir William Ian Axford, former director of the institute. McKenzie’s main research focus was on the theoretical modelling of space plasmas with their complex interaction of radiation, shock waves and particles. His work significantly contributed to today’s understanding of how the solar wind is accelerated from the Sun’s atmosphere into space.

Born in Edinburgh (Scotland), James McKenzie studied Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Glasgow. After receiving his Doctorate from the University of Cambridge, his scientific career led him to the USA, Italy, Sudan, Denmark and South Africa. After several research visits to Katlenburg-Lindau, he became a staff scientist at the local Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy in 1988.

The MPS mourns an excellent scientist and good friend who will be remembered for is friendly, well-tempered nature and his never failing British sense of humor.

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