Thangjam, Guneshwar

International Max Planck Research School Alumni

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (April, 2017)

  • May 2016 - present   
    Postdoc, Mineralogy and geology of largest asteroid Ceres from Dawn Framing Camera and Visible and Infrared Spectrometer, including data processing and photometry, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen/Germany

  • Dec 2016 - Apr 2016
    Postdoc (50%), Geochemistry of HED meteorites, and Mineralogy and geology of Vesta, Clausthal University of Technology, Clausthal/Germany, and Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen/Germany

  • Sept 2015 - Dec 2016
    Postdoc (50%), Mineralogy and geology of Vesta, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen/Germany

  • Feb 2012 - Sept 2015
    PhD, Mineralogy and geology of asteroid Vesta from Dawn Framing Camera, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen/Germany, and Clausthal University of Technology, Clausthal/Germany

  • Nov 2009 - Jan 2012
    Junior Research Fellow, Lunar geology from Chandrayaan-I, Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organization, India

  • Mar 2009 – Nov 2009
    Junior Research Fellow, Landslide and neotectonics along Hiamalayan Main Boundary Thrust in Dehradun, Bundelkhand University, India

  • 2006 - 2008
    M.Sc. Geology, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India

    Scientific interests

  • Surface compostional analysis and geology of planetary bodies using visible/near-infrared/ infrared reflectance spectroscopic data (particular interest for small bodies and icy moons)

  • Geologic evolution of inner and outer solar system planetary bodies and their link

  • Spectrophotometry of planetary data and analogues, and applications to planetary surface composition and physical properties

  • Geochemical analysis of meteorites particularly the primitive carbonaceous chondrites, and implications to the formation of planetesimals and planetary bodies


  • Asteroid (11806) Thangjam = 1981 EF14 named by the International Astronimcal Union (2017)

  • NASA Group Achievement award, 2016, Framing Camera team, NASA Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres

  • Geologist, Geological Survey of India, 2012, qualified through UPSC/India exam, but declined the offer, because of my plan to pursue PhD

  • Topper, MSc Geology, 2008, Geology department, Bundelkhand University, India

         (peer-reviewed, 4+2 first-authored, 10+6 co-authored)

  • Thangjam G., et al., Understanding dwarf planet Ceres compostional heterogeneity from bright and dark materials. (in preparation).

  • Thangjam G., et al., Insights into geochemical evolution of asteroid Vesta in the light of Dawn. (in preparation).

  • Thangjam G., Hoffmann M., Nathues A., Li J.-Y., Platz T. (2016). Haze at Occator crater on Ceres. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 833, L25.

  • Thangjam G., Nathues A., Mengel K., Schäfer M., Hoffmann M., Cloutis E.A., Mann P., Müller C., Platz T., Schäfer T., (2016). Three-dimensional spectral analysis of ccompositional heterogeneity at Arruntia crater on (4) Vesta using Dawn FC. Icarus, 267, 344-363.

  • Thangjam G., Nathues A., Mengel K., Hoffmann M., Schäfer M., Reddy V., Cloutis E.A., Christensen U., Sierks H., Le Corre L., Vincent J.-B., Russell C. T., (2014). Olivine-rich exposures at Bellicia and Arruntia craters on (4) Vesta from Dawn FC. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 49, 10, 1831-1850.

  • Thangjam G, Reddy V., Le Corre L., Nathues A., Sierks H., Hiesinger H., Li J.-Y., Sanchez J.A., Russell C.T., Gaskell R., Raymond C., (2013). Lithologic mapping of HED terrains on Vesta using Dawn Framing Camera color data. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 48, 11, 2199-2210.

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