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Journal Article
Büchner, J.: Reconnection in space plasma. EOS Trans. AGU 70, pp. 618 - 620 (1989)

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Büchner, J. (Ed.): Magnetic coupling at sun and stars. Elsevier Ltd., Oxford, Orlando and Tokyo (2007), 118 pp.
Büchner, J.; Dum, C. T.; Scholer, M. (Eds.): Space Plasma Simulation. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg (2003), 351 pp.
Büchner, J.; Pevtsov, A. (Eds.): Magnetic helicity at the Sun, in solar wind and magnetospheres - vistas from X-Ray Observatories. Elsevier (2003), 2091 pp.
Büchner, J. (Ed.): Comparative reconnection studies at the sun and in magnetospheres. Elsevier Science (2002), 133 pp.
Büchner, J.; Axford, W. I.; Marsch, E.; Vasyliūnas, V. M. (Eds.): Plasma Astrophysics and Space Physics. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht (1999), 772 pp.

Book Chapter (42)

Book Chapter
Büchner, J.; Kilian, P.; Muñoz Sepúlveda, P. A.; Spanier, F.; Widmer, F.; Zhou, X.; Jain, N.: Kinetic Simulations of Electron Acceleration at Mercury. In: Magnetic Fields in the Solar System: Planets, Moons and Solar Wind Interactions, pp. 201 - 240 (Eds. Lühr, H.; Wicht, J.; Gilder, S. A.; Holschneider, M.). Springer, Cham (2018)
Book Chapter
Lee, K. W.; Büchner, J.: Anomalous momentum transport in astrophysical return-current beam plasmas - the two-dimensional electromagnetic case. In: Advances in Plasma Astrophysics, pp. 106 - 109 (Eds. Bonnano, A.; de Gouveia dal Pino, E.; Kosovichev, A.). International Astronomical Union (2011)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.: Ab Initio Vlasov Code Simulation of Micro-Turbulence, Phase Space Structure Formation and the Resulting Anomalous Transport and Particle Acceleration in Collisionless Astrophysical Plasmas, I: The 2D2V Code. In: High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering, pp. 19 - 28 (Eds. Wagner, S.; Steinmetz, M.; Bode, A.; Brehm, M.). Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg (2008)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.: Vlasov-code simulation. In: Advanced methods for space simulations, pp. 23 - 46 (Eds. Usui, H.; Omura, Y.). TERRAPUB, Tokyo (2007)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.: Theory and simulation of reconnection. In: Solar Dynamics and its Effects on the Heliopshere and Earth, pp. 345 - 360 (Eds. Baker, D. N.; Klecker, B.; Schwartz, S. J.; Schwenn, R.; von Steiger, R.). Springer, Dordrecht (2007)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.: Investigation of Reconnection in the Solar Corona by Numerical Simulation Based on Solar-B Observations. In: New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission, pp. 407 - 420 (Eds. Shibata, K.; Nagata, S.; Sakurai, T.). Astronomical Society of the Pacific (2007)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.; Daughton, W.: Role of current-aligned instabilities in reconnection. In: Reconnection of Magnetic Fields: Magnetohydrodynamics, Collisionless Theory and Observations, pp. 144 - 153 (Eds. Birn, J.; Priest, E.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2007)
Book Chapter
Santos, J. C.; Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Alves, M. V.: Calculations of Photospheric Plasma Velocity Fields using Photospheric Magnetic Field Measurements. In: New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission, pp. 183 - 192 (Eds. Shibata, K.; Nagata, S.; Sakurai, T.). Astronomical Society of the Pacific (2007)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Otto, A.: Plasma acceleration due to transition region reconnection. In: Particle acceleration in astrophysical plasmas: Geospace and beyond, pp. 161 - 170 (Eds. Horwitz, J. L.; Perez, J. D.; Preece, R. D.; Queenby, J.). American Geophysical Union (2005)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.; Dum, C. T.; Scholer, M.: Space plasma simulation. In: Lecture Notes in Physics: Space Plasma Simulation, pp. 1 - 3 (Eds. Büchner, J.; Dum, C. T.; Scholer, M.). Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg (2003)
Book Chapter
Nykyri, K.; Otto, A.; Büchner, J.; Nikutowski, B.; Baumjohann, W.; Kistler, L. M.; Mouikis, C.: Equator-S observations of boundary signatures: FTE's or Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves? In: Earth's Low-Latitude Boundary Layer, p. 205 (Eds. Newell, P. T.; Onsager, T.). AGU, Washington D. C. (2003)
Book Chapter
Silin, I.; Büchner, J.: Vlasov-code simulations of collisionless plasmas. In: Erfahrungen mit den IBM-Parallelrechnersystemen RS/6000 SP and pSeries690, pp. 35 - 50 (Ed. Haan, O.). GWDG, Göttingen (2003)
Book Chapter
Büchner, J.; Dum, C. T.; Scholer, M.: Space plasma simulation - preface. In: Space Plasma Simulation, p. I (Eds. Büchner, J.; Dum, C.; Scholer, M.). Copernicus Gesellschaft 2001 (2001)
Book Chapter
Crew, S.; Nishikawa, K.-I.; Büchner, J.; Kotze, P.: Partcile simulation of collsionless magnetic reconnection in the harris model. In: Space Plasma Simulation, pp. 233 - 235 (Eds. Büchner, J.; Dum, C.; Scholer, M.). Copernicus Gesellschaft 2001 (2001)
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