Publications of G. Kremser

Conference Paper (7)

Conference Paper
Rasinkangas, R.; Sergeev, V.; Kremser, G.; Ulich, T.; Singer, H.; Korth, A.: Current disruption signatures at substorm onset observed by CRRES. In: Substorms 2, Proc. 2. Int. Conf. on Substorms, Fairbanks, pp. 595 - 600 (Eds. Kan, J. R.; Craven, J. D.; Akasofu, S.-I.). Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks (1994)
Conference Paper
Sofko, G. J.; Greenwald, R. A.; Korth, A.; Kremser, G.: STARE ionospheric electron flow during the August 28/78 GEOS-2 magnetopause crossing. In: Proceedings of Magnetospheric Boundary Layers Conference, Alpbach, 11-15 June 1979, pp. 183 - 185. ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (1979)
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