Solar physics: analysing the magnetic field in the solar atmosphere.

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Journal Article
Bettonvil, F. C. M.; Collados, M.; Feller, A.; Gelly, B. F.; Keller, C. U.; Kentischer, T. J.; López Ariste, A.; Pleier, O.; Snik, F.; Socas-Navarro, H.: The polarization optics for the European Solar Telescope (EST). Proceedings of the SPIE 7735, 77356I (2010)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Feller, A.; Krishnappa, N.; Pleier, O.; Hirzberger, J.; Jobst, P. J.; Schürmann, M.: Reflectivity, polarization properties, and durability of metallic mirror coatings for the European Solar Telescope. Proceedings of the SPIE, p. 84503U-84503U-11 (2012)

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