Main Focus

Plasma processes in planetary magnetospheres, especially Jupiter and Saturn

  • radiation belts
  • plasma motion
  • auroral processes
  • boundary phenomena
  • global configuration and dynamics

Special positions/tasks

  • CASSINI Working group Lead of MAPS
  • JUICE Working group lead of Magnetosphere and Plasma Science
  • JUICE Interdisciplinary Scientis
  • Member of the ESA/NASA Science Definition Team of the Europa Jupiter System Mission EJSM (former Laplace now JUICE)

Team memberships and positions/tasks on the following space projects

  • PI of the ULYSSES-EPAC instrument
  • Co-I on the CASSINI-MIMI instrument
  • Co-I on the MARS EXPRESS-ASPERA-3 instrument
  • Co-I on the VENUS EXPRESS-ASPERA-4 instrument
  • Co-I on BepiColombo MMO, MPPE instrument
  • Co-I on BepiColombo MPO, SERENA instrument
  • Co-I on the GALILEO-EPD instrument
  • Co-I on the JUICE PEP instrument
  • Co-I on the JUICE J-Mag instrument
  • Co-I on the JUICE SWI instrument
  • JUICE Interdisciplinary Scientist
  • Member of the JUNO science team
  • Co-I on the EUROPA CLIPPER PIMS instrument

Other memberships

  • Member of the International Academy of Astronautics IAA
  • Member of the European Geosciences Union
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union



  • May 2015: Selected as JUICE Interdisciplinary Scientist
  • Feb 2015: Selected as JUICE Working group lead (Magnetosphere and Plasma Science)

Curriculum Vitae

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