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Mapping the IMPRS Curriculum to Geoscience

The International Max Planck Research School for Solar System Science is one of several PhD programmes at the University of Göttingen. Depending on their area of specialisation, a fraction of the IMPRS students are enroled in the GAUSS PhD programme in geosciences. Within the overall framework of GAUSS, the curricular requirements of the IMPRS can be translated to the curricular requirements in geoscience.

Admission and enrolment

See Curriculum: Admission and enrolment and Applying to the faculty in Geoscience (step 1)

Curricular requirements

The programme includes a curricular structure with oral and written progress reports as well as six modules. Please read about the general requirements of the Curriculum first. The following mapping of IMPRS requirements to geoscience modules is proposed:

Oral and written progress report

Thesis committee meeting once per year: Yearly thesis advisory committee meetings and S3 seminar talks according to IMPRS regulations.


Additional and advanced scientific qualification in theory and practice: Active participation in the lectures and exercises "Solar System Science Part I: The Central Star" and "Solar System Science Part II: The Planetary System".


Scientific presentation and communication: Presentations at conferences in the form of posters or talks.


Regular attendance of the S3 seminar including active participation in the scientific discussions during the questions and answers sessions.


Tutorial teaching: Tutoring of field trips, lab courses, exercises, seminars or similar.


Scientific writing: Publication of peer-reviewed papers in international scientific journals.


Key competencies: Qualification courses according to IMPRS regulations including the annual retreats of the IMPRS.

Submission, defense and publication of the thesis

See Curriculum: Submission, defense and publication of the thesis

Graduating from other GAUSS programmes or other universities

Default: Curriculum for the GAUSS PhD programme in physics

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