Ammler-von Eiff, Matthias


Main Focus

stars with planets; instruments/surveys (PLATO, CoRoT, CARMENES); methods (photometry, spectroscopy, imaging, astrometry); stellar chemical abundances; stellar differential rotation; stellar radial velocities; eclipsing binaries

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Employment

2014- Scientist, PLATO Data Center Office Deputy, Product Assurance and Risk Manager in the PLATO project at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
2011-2014 CoRoT-Postdoc at Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg (Germany)
2009-2011 Postdoc at Göttingen University and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
2007-2009 Postdoc fellow at Lisbon Observatory and the University of Porto (Portugal)
2006 Ph.D. at the University of Jena (Germany)
2001 diploma of Physics at the University of Munich

Selected Publications

Pertenais, M., Ammler-von Eiff, M., Burresi, M., et al., PLATO camera ghosts: simulations and measurements on the engineering model (EM), 2022, SPIE Proc., 12180, 121804M

Morales, J.C., Mustill, A.J., Ribas, I., ..., Ammler-von Eiff, M., et al., A giant exoplanet orbiting a very-low-mass star challenges planet formation models, 2020, Sci 365, 1441

Ammler-von Eiff, M., Guenther, E.W., On the optimum operating conditions of ThNe calibration lamps for measurements of radial velocity variations, 2017, AN 338, 550

Ammler-von Eiff, M., Bedalov, A., Kranhold, C., et al., 2016, Coronagraphic search for wide substellar companions among members of the Ursa Major moving group, 2016, A&A 591, 84

Ammler-von Eiff, M., Sebastian, D., Guenther, E.W., et al., The power of low-resolution spectroscopy: On the spectral classification of planet candidates in the ground-based CoRoT follow-up

Vaňko, M., Ammler-von Eiff, M., Pribulla, T., et al., The eclipsing binary TY CrA revisited: what near-IR light curves tell us, 2013, MNRAS 431, 2230

Vaňko, M., Pribulla, T., Ammler-von Eiff, M., et al., The Dwarf project: Eclipsing binaries - precise clocks to discover exoplanets, 2012, AN 333, 754

Ammler-von Eiff, M., Reiners, A., New measurements of rotation and differential rotation in A-F stars: are there two populations of differentially rotating stars?, 2012, A&A 542, 116

Ammler-von Eiff, M., Santos, N.C., Sousa, S.G. et al., A homogeneous spectroscopic analysis of host stars of transiting planets, 2009, A&A 507, 523

Ammler-von Eiff, M., Guenther, E.W., Spectroscopic properties of cool Ursa Major group members, 2009, A&A 508, 677

Ammler, M., Joergens, V., Neuhäuser, R., What are the temperatures of T Tauri stars?. Constraints from coeval formation ofyoung eclipsing binaries, 2005, A&A 440, 1127


Florian Freistetter: "Ordnung am Himmel machen: Wie man die Suche nach fremden Planeten vorbereitet", Astrodicticum Simplex, 22. August 2018 (einschließlich der Diskussion eines Posters von M. Ammler-von Eiff)

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