Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

My expertise is the development of scientific instrumentation (VIS-NIR spectrometers/cameras) for interplanetary space probs as well as data analyses of these instruments. My favored study objects have been NEAs, various main-belt asteroids (including Vesta and Ceres), and the Moon. Venus and Ganymede to come.       


Since 2023: Project lead VenSpec DHU on EnVision (ESA) at MPS, Instrument Co-I
Since 2010: Project lead Framing Camera on Dawn (NASA) at MPS, Mission Co-I
2004 – 2009: Project Manager SIR- 2 on Chandrayaan-1 (ISRO) at MPS, Instrument Co-PI
1999 – 2006: Project Manager SIR on SMART-1 (ESA) at MPS, Instrument Co-I


2000: Dr. rer nat., FU Berlin
1995 – 1999: DLR, Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin (PhD Student)
1995: Diploma in Geophysics, WWU Münster     
1987 – 1995: Studies of Geophysics at WWU Münster, Institute for Geophysics & Institute for Astronomy

Selected Awards:

2019: NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
2016: NASA Group Achievement Award Dawn FC

Selected Publications:

(1) Nathues, A., Hoffmann, M., Schmedemann, N., R. Sarkar, G. Thangjam, K. Mengel, J. Hernandez, H. Hiesinger and J. H. Pasckert (2022) Brine residues and organics in the Urvara basin on Ceres. Nat Commun 13, 92

(2) Nathues, A., Schmedemann N., Thangjam G., Pasckert J., Mengel, K., Castillo-Rogez J., Cloutis E.A., Hiesinger, H., Hoffmann M., Le Corre, L., Li J.-Y., Pieters C., Raymond C.A., Reddy, V., Ruesch, O., and Williams D.A., (2020) Recent cryovolcanic activity at Occator crater on Ceres, Nature Astronomy, Volume 4, p. 794-801  

(3) Nathues A., Hoffmann M., Ripken J., Thangjam G., Platz T., Schmedemann N., and Takir D. (2019) Unique light scattering at Occator’s faculae on (1) Ceres, Astronomical Journal, Volume 158, Issue 2, article id. 85, 13 pp.

(4) Pieters, C. M., Nathues, A., Thangjam, G., Hoffmann, M., Platz, T., de Sanctis, M. C., Ammannito, E., Tosi, F., Zambon, F., Pasckert, J. H., Hiesinger, H., Schröder, S. E., Jaumann, R., Matz, K.-D., Castillo-Rogez, J. C., Ruesch, O., McFadden, L. A., O'Brien, D. P., Sykes, M., Raymond, C. A., Russell, C. T., Geologic constraints on the origin of red organic-rich material on Ceres (2018), Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 53, Issue 9, pp. 1983-1998 

(5) Nathues, A., Platz, T., Thangjam, G., Hoffmann, M., Mengel, K., Cloutis, E. A., Le Corre, L., Reddy, V., Kallisch, J., & Crown, D. A. (2017). Evolution of Occator Crater on (1) Ceres. Astronomical Journal, 153(3)

(6) Platz, T., Nathues, A., Schorghofer, N., Preusker, F., Mazarico, E., Schröder, S. E., Byrne, S., Kneissl, T., Schmedemann, N., Combe, J.-P., Schäfer, M., Thangjam, G. S., Hoffmann, M., Gutierrez-Marques, P., Landis, M. E., Dietrich, W., Ripken, J., Matz, K.-D., & Russell, C. T. (2017). Surface water-ice deposits in the northern shadowed regions of Ceres. Nature Astronomy, 1, 0007

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(8) Nathues, A., Hoffmann, M., Schaefer, M., Le Corre, L., Reddy, V., Platz, T., Cloutis, E. A., Christensen, U., Kneissl, T., Li, J.-Y., Mengel, K., Schmedemann, N., Schaefer, T., Russell, C. T., Applin, D. M., Buczkowski, D. L., Izawa, M. R. M., Keller, H. U., OBrien, D. P., Pieters, C. M., Raymond, C. A., Ripken, J., Schenk, P. M., Schmidt, B. E., Sierks, H., Sykes, M. V., Thangjam, G. S., & Vincent, J.-B. (2015). Sublimation in bright spots on Ceres. Nature, 528, 237-240

(9) Reddy, V., Nathues, A., Le Corre, L., Sierks, H., Li, J.-Y., Gaskell, R., McCoy, T., Beck, A. W., Schröder, S. E., Pieters, C. M., Becker, K. J., Buratti, B. J., Denevi, B., Blewett, D. T., Christensen, U., Gaffey, M. J., Gutierrez-Marques, P., Hicks, M., Keller, H. U., Maue, T., Mottola, S., McFadden, L. A., McSween, H. Y., Mittlefehldt, D., O'Brien, D. P., Raymond, C., & Russell, C. (2012). Color and Albedo Heterogeneity of Vesta from Dawn. Science, 336, 700-704

(10) Nathues, A., Boehnhardt, H., Harris, A. W., Jentsch, C., Schaeff, S., Weischede, F., Wiegand, A., Schmitz, N., Goetz, W., Kachri, Z. (2010): ASTEX: An in-situ exploration mission to two near-Earth asteroids, Advances in Space Research, 45, Issue 1, pp. 169-182

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