European Solar Physics Online Seminar

Following an initiative by the University of Oslo the MPS will participate in the "European Solar Physics Online Seminar" series (ESPOS). Details can be found here:
The aim of this video conference series is to promote ideas more widely with a specialized audience, and give some exposure to cutting-edge research for students and other young researchers that do not regularly travel to conferences. The ESPOS series is planned to take place every second Thursday at 11am.
Speaker: Mariarita Murabito Room: Zoom Host: Shahin Jafarzadeh

ESPOS Seminar: Formation and disappearance of a penumbra: Recent results (Mariarita Murabito)

The physical conditions resulting in the formation and disappearance of penumbral regions are poorly understood. We investigated these conditions by using high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of a sunspot penumbra from different instruments at ground- and space-based telescopes, namely the SST/CRISP, SDO/HMI, and Hinode/SP. The studied data allowed us to assess the evolution of the magnetic and velocity properties of plasma in the observed region and to analyze the role of several processes found therein. The penumbra forms only on one side of the observed region, characterized by the absence of an overlying magnetic canopy. The penumbra later disappears progressively in time and space. This final evolution of the studied region seems to be governed by the presence of moving magnetic features (MMFs) and of overlying canopies. [more]
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