Season’s Greetings

JUICE: Mission to the Jovian System

Season’s Greetings

We would like to thank you very much for your support and cooperation during the past year.
We wish you happy holidays and a happy and successful New Year 2024.

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JUICE embarks on its journey to Jupiter
After a one-day delay, the Ariane 5 rocket with ESA's JUICE spacecraft on board lifted off today at 2:14 pm from the Guiana Space Center in South America. Due to the threat of thunderstorms, the coutdown had to be canceled yesterday. Today, the start of the eight-year journey to Jupiter went according to plan. The MPS is sending two scientific instruments on the adventurous expedition to the Jupiter system. more
A taste of solar wind and a glimpse of Earth
The MPS instruments on board ESA’s JUICE spacecraft have successfully completed their commissioning in space - and delivered their first observational data. more


In addition to the launch of ESA's JUICE space probe, the past year has brought us many other things: exciting scientific results, important awards - and a farewell. Read more here:
Emeritus Symposium in Honor of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Christensen
Scientists from around the world came together in Göttingen to celebrated Christensen's contributions to the study of planetary interiors. more
ERC Advanced Grant for Sami Solanki
The project WINSUN combines a new generation of observational data with computer simulations to provide a comprehensive view of the Sun's magnetic field. more
Metal-poor stars are more life-friendly
A star’s chemical composition strongly influences the ultraviolet radiation it emits into space and thus the conditions for the emergence of life in its neighbourhood. more
Giant Auroras Modify Jupiter’s Stratospheric Chemistry
A collision nearly 30 years ago permanently changed Jupiter's atmospheric chemistry; the aftermath is still helping to better understand the gas giant. more
Tiny plasma jets power the solar wind
Images from ESA’s Solar Orbiter offer the best look yet at a source region of the solar wind - and challenge our view of the continuous particle stream from the Sun.   more
A stereo view of the Sun’s magnetic field
Astronomical teamwork: By combining data from Solar Orbiter and SDO, a group of researchers has unambiguously determined the magnetic field at the solar surface. more
ERC Synergy Grant for research project REVEAL
In the search for life-friendly exoplanets, researchers from Germany, the UK and the USA join forces in a pioneering research project.   more
Giant doubts about giant exomoons
The extrasolar planets Kepler-1625b and Kepler-1708b are supposedly the home worlds of the first known exomoons. A new study now comes to a different conclusion. more
Auroras in the Caribbean

Auroras in the Caribbean

December 07, 2023
The solar storm of February 1872 was exceptionally violent. A recent study provides new insights into the extreme event. more
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