Audio-video installation SPACES in the MPS foyer

From satellite to scanning electron micrograph: a composition of images and sound made from pictures of the Sun and of insects unites the macro- and the microcosm.

February 03, 2016

Images of the Sun captured by the NASA mission Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) offer impressive views of our host star. Sabine Schäfer, sound artist from Karlsruhe, confronts these views from space with scanning electron micrograph images of insects and recordings of their voices, thereby joining macro- and microcosm together to create the unique audio-video installation SPACES. After having been on display last year in the Martinskirche Bad Hersfeld in the framework of the lutherian year “Reformation and Image” (“Reformation und Bild”), it can now be seen in the foyer of the MPS. This artistic visit is also a thank-you: Researchers from the solar department of the institute had helped the artist to find suitable SDO- Images for her project.

The audio-video-installation SPACES will be on display for several weeks on a large flatscreen TV in the entrance hall of the MPS. You can hear the sound with the headphones of your own smartphone via an audiostream. Instructions with the corresponding links can be found next to the installation. Just sit back on the cosy red chairs, relax and tune in…

About the artist
The sound artist Sabine Schäfer lives and works in Karlsruhe. Since 1989 she is a lecturer at the University of Music Karlsruhe (GER). A scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service led her to Stanford University in the US and to the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music "STEIM" in Amsterdam. In 1993 she received the Siemens Media Art Prize for the sound space art project "TopoPhonien". In 1998 she founded, together with the artist Joachim Krebs, the artist studio <SA/JO> which implements the topics of art, nature, science and technology into sound art work. From 2004 to 2008 was Sabine Schäfer board member of the German Society for Electro-acoustic Music "DEGEM" and in 2015 she was a guest lecturer at the University of Arts in Bern (CH).

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