Local Information

Oral sessions

The talks will be held in the lecture hall at MPS on the first floor. Guidelines for the presentation of talks are given on a separate page.

Poster sessions

The posters are on display in the foyer of MPS throughout the whole meeting. We will have poster sessions during extended coffee breaks and during a barbecue on Tuesday evening. For details on the posters see the separate poster page.

Coffee breaks

Coffee and refreshments will be served during the breaks in the MPS. So, you can easily have your coffee while having a look at the posters. In case you want coffee, hot chocolate, etc outside coffee breaks, you can help yourself at the vending machines on the ground floor in our cafeteria (of course, you will have to pay for that).


We will serve lunch every day in the foyer of the institute in an area reserved for the IRIS workshop. These lunches are covered by the registration fee (please wear your badge when having lunch). At MPS we also have a small restaurant, but that could not cope with the additional guests from the IRIS workshop, so make sure to go to the special reserved and well signposted lunch area for IRIS-9.

Internet access

If you have access to eduroam, you will have a working internet connection as soon as you start your computer. So, if you do not have eduroam yet, or you do not know how it works, please check with your system administrator at your home institution. (eduroam is a really useful, so you might want to see how that works independently of this meeting).

If you do not have eduroam access, we will provide you with an alternative way of access. You will find that information in the conference material you will get at the conference desk.

Conference dinner at the old Botanic Garden

The conference dinner will be held at the old Botanic Garden (sorry, the page is only partly in English). We will dine in the orangeries of the Old Botanic Garden (link to Google Maps).

Because the location of the conference dinner is in the city centre, you can easily go first to your hotel before walking to the dinner.


In case of problems during the meeting, you can always drop us an e-mail, or you can also phone us at +49-551-384-979-0 which connects you to the main reception of MPS.


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