New hi-speed camera for GRIS

October 26, 2017

In a technical campaign in October 2017 a new, hi-speed infrared camera was installed at the GREGOR telescope. The new camera will allow for highly accurate magnetic field measurements in the solar photosphere and chromosphere at the highest spatial resolution achievable with GREGOR.

With a frame rate of up to 90 images per second, the new infrared camera allows to 'freeze' the image distortion introduced by turbilences in the Earth atmosphere. Special image reconstruction techniques developed at MPS it will make it possible to reach the diffraction limit of the GREGOR telescope for spectro-polarimetric measurements of the magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere. Additionally, the high quantum efficiency and the duty cycle of almost 100% increases the photon efficiency by a factor of 2 compared to the old GRIS system.

With a second camera, being installed in November 2017, GRIS will advance to the most sensitive magnetic field measurement device at spatial resolutions down to 140 km on the Sun.

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