Members of the Research Group "Planetary Atmospheres"

Scientists and Postdocs:

Hartogh, Paul

Jarchow, Christopher

Larsson Richard

Medvedev, Alexander

Rengel, Miriam

Rezac, Ladislav

Shalygin, Eugene

Shalygina, Oksana

Stenzel, Oliver

PhD students:

Engineers, Instrument Development Team:

Büttner, Irene

Boerner, Peter

Chares, Bernd

Danneberg, Arne

Frahm, Sophie

Erd, Christian

Franz, Sven

Heeke, Günter


Höfner, Sebastian

Hwang, Chi Jeon

John, Hendrik

Loose, Alexander

Meierdierks, Thimo

Miettinen, Esa-Pekka

Pasko, Pawel

Perplies, Henry

Ruebener, Eileen

Schirmer, Oskar

Stämm, Stefan

Sved, Daniel

Ulrich, Jan

Wagenknecht, Malte

Winkelmann, Felix

Project Assistant:

Rezacova, Petra (SWI)
Von-Saltzwedel, Fee


Fee Von Saltzwedel
Phone:+49 551 384 979 267

Projects of the the Research Group "Planetary Atmospheres"

Former Members of the Planetary Atmospheres Working Group

Markiewicz, Woiciech (died in 2016)
De Val-Borro, Miguel
Gao, Bo
García Comas, Maya
Gonzalez, Armando
Hallgren, Kristopher
Kadowaki, Masanao
Keller, Horst-Uwe
Kühn, Frank
Kuroda, Takeschi
Lee, Yeon Joo
Machtoub, Ghada
Maltagliati, Luca
Mantri, Knhaiyalal
Moissl, Richard
Montaut, Steven
Orlik, Roman
Paganini, Lucas
Piccialli, Arianna
Portyankina, Ganna
Qureshi, Muhammad Tayyab
Russo, Pedro
Sagawa, Hideo
Saito, Ryu
Sethunadh, Jisesh
Song, Li
Steinmetz, Eckhard
Thibault Cavalié
Titov, Dimitri
Tschimmel, Martin
Villanueva, Geronimo
Xianyi, Li

Research Group "Planetary Atmospheres"

Welcome to the homepage of the Research Group "Planetary Atmospheres" at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research



In our research group we study the atmospheres of planets and their moons in our solar system and beyond. The main scientific focus is the detailed research of climate, origin and history of atmospheres as well as their composition, structure, dynamics and chemical processes. We observe the atmospheres from sub-mm to ultraviolet wavelengths and verify the results with intensive model calculations and simulations.

Tools of the research group "Planetary Atmospheres" are new, high-end, up-to-date instrumentations to be used from the ground, onboard aircraft, and spacecraft delivering more detailed high-resolution data from planetary atmospheres.

In particular we currently concentrate on the following research topics:

  • Characterization of atmospheres (composition, structure, dynamics, chemistry, circulation, evolution) of Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Titan, Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io) using spectroscopic methods in the sub-mm to infrared-regime from groundbased, aircraft-based, spacecraft-based measurements.
  • Global modelling of circulation patterns and radiation transport of planets in our solar system and beyond
  • Meteorologic characterization of Venus clouds and thier tracking from spacecraft
  • Observation and modelling of water- and carbondioxide-cycles in the Martian atmosphere as well as of duststorms
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