Seminars at MPS

9571 1491394814

S3 Seminar: Deep focusing in time-distance helioseismology (M. Pourabdian)


9575 1491395196

S3 Seminar: Simulations of starspots (M. Panja)


10346 1497971395

MPS Seminar: Interferometry of Solar Features with MAST: Preliminary Experiments (P. Venkatakrishnan)


10347 1497971519

MPS Seminar: Electric Currents in Emerging Flux Regions: Confrontation of Observations with Simulations (P. Venkatakrishnan)


10254 1497342483

Planetary Group Seminar: TBA (F. Gastadello)


10368 1498221374

MPS Seminar: Reconnection and shock wave acceleration in astrophysical plasmas (T. Hoshino)


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