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Seminars at MPS

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Planetary Group Seminar: Silica - the most primitive mineral on Earth and Mars (R. Milke)

Silica consists of Si, O, and H, the three most frequent chemical compounds at Earth's surface, and has no defined crystal structure. Arguably, it is the most primitive mineral on Earth, and spectroscopically was also found on the surface of Mars. Studies on the self-organisation of silica from the atomic to the cm-scale on terrestrial samples give us hints what to expect on other earth-like planets. [more]

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S3 Seminar: How do penumbral filaments form?



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Planetary Group Seminar: Erosion of silicates and its implications for Martian surface habitability and chemistry (K. Finster)

The harsh and detrimental Martian surface conditions are generally associated with the radiation environment that is dominated by highly cytotoxic UV radiation. UV radiation both directly affects living organisms through modifications of the genetic code as well as indirectly through peroxidation of proteins and membrane lipids by reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation including H2O2 that are cytotoxic. I will introduce an alternative mechanism that equally results in ROS formation and can account for direct and indirect cell death: ABRASION BY SALTATION. [more]


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Sehnsuchtsplanet Mars: NASA-Mission InSight: Den Marsbeben auf der Spur (U.Christensen)



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Sehnsuchtsplanet Mars: Veranstaltung zur Landung der Marsmission InSight; Kurzanleitung für eine Landung auf dem Mars (R. Lindner)


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S3 Seminar: High-cadence observations of the quiet Sun with MiHI


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S3 Seminar: Coronal loop heating


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S3 Seminar: Numerical Simulations of Solar Convection using a Local Box Model


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S3 Seminar: The effect of inclination on solar brightness variations


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S3 Seminar: Inversions of straylight-corrected slit spectra


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S3 Seminar: The distribution of volatiles in the lunar interior


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S3 Seminar: Layerings in cometary nuclei


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S3 Seminar: Long-time solar and stellar 3-D convection simulations


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S3 Seminar: Exploring the depth dependence of solar equatorial Rossby waves


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