public talk (in German)

public talk

public lecture series "Kometenfieber"

To celebrate the anniversary of the landing on the comet 67P the MPS held a themed public lecture series on Rosetta and the current status of cometary research.

Poster of the lecture series "Kometenfieber"


Seminars, Talks, Meetings

Seminars and Talks

Interested visitors are very welcome to join in all seminars held and talks given at the MPS. The presentations are mainly given in English. More detailed information can be found at the seminars' pages.

Invited guest scientists of other institutes report on the successes and results of their research in institute seminars and colloquia.

PhD students of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) present their work in S3 seminars.

In the Planetary Group Seminar, Rosetta Seminar, Solar Group Seminar, and Sun-Climate Seminar, the scientists of the respective departments report on the latest results and progress made in their projects and introduce new missions. All seminars are concluded with a short discussion or a questions-and-answers sessions.


The latest results are presented at international conferences and meetings to the wider scientific community. Scientists establish contacts for international collaborations and exchange their experience in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. We regularly update our list of the most important conferences with subjects pertaining to the institute’s research.

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