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The Sun’s hidden magnetic field during grand minimum

May 20, 2016
A study of the Sun’s long-term variation over a millennium by means of super computer modelling showed that during the Sun's grand minimum, the magnetic field may hide deep underneath the surface. [more]
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Magnetic reconnection on the Sun caught in the act

May 09, 2016
For the first time researchers directly observed the restructuring of a magnetic field in the atmosphere of the Sun [more]
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Eavesdropping on aliens

March 01, 2016
A small band in the sky has been identified in which extraterrestrial astronomers have good chances of discovering Earth [more]
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The habitability of other worlds

January 14, 2016
New methods allow precise measurements of the gravity of stars and the size of exoplanets [more]
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Dwarf planet Ceres: water vapor in Occator crater

December 09, 2015
The Occator crater on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres is active: data from NASA’s Dawn mission indicate water sublimating from its center. [more]
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Jupiter’s whirlwinds: Turning the other way

November 30, 2015
Computer simulations explain the location of Jupiter’s impressive atmospheric whirlwinds – and why their direction of rotation is opposite to storms on Earth. [more]
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Dust particles from afar

October 19, 2015
25 years ago, the Ulysses spacecraft was launched into space. Now, for the first time its complete set of measurements of interstellar dust has been analyzed. [more]
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