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"Huygens" Finds a Hostile World on Titan

December 08, 2005
International research team reports on the Earth-like surface of Saturn's moon Titan [more]
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Organised Wind Chaos on Jupiter

November 09, 2005
An international team of researchers, using new computer simulations, explains the existence of banded wind structures on Jupiter [more]
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Are comets more like "Icy Dust Balls" or"Dirty Snowballs"?

October 17, 2005
Max Planck Researchers from Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany use OSIRIS cameras to look inside the comet Tempel 1 [more]
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Max-Planck-Forscher beobachten Auswirkungen des Einschlags auf dem Kometen Tempel 1

July 05, 2005
Das Kamerasystem OSIRIS auf der Raumsonde ROSETTA misst dramatischen Helligkeitsanstieg [more]
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Angriff auf Tempel 1

June 29, 2005
Max-Planck-Forscher beobachten Beschuss des Kometen Tempel 1 [more]
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Solar Wind Originates in Coronal Funnels

April 22, 2005
The ESA/NASA SOHO spacecraft determines the origin of the fast solar wind in the magnetized atmosphere of the Sun [more]
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The Sun is more active now than over the last 8000 years

October 28, 2004
An international team of scientists has reconstructed the Sun's activity over the last 11 millennia and forecasts decreased activity within a few decades [more]
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