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MPS Seminar: Empirical modelling of planetary magnetospheres in response to solar wind dynamics using EOF analysis and multivariate linear regression (M. He)

  • Date: Apr 5, 2017
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:00
  • Speaker: Maosheng He
  • Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Kühlungsborn, Germany
  • Location: MPS
  • Room: Auditorium
  • Host: Markus Fränz
This talk introduces an empirical modelling approach. The approach synthesizes the EOF analysis and multivariable regression analysis flexibly. Different from predefined basis functions and parametric equations, EOFs are data-customized and do not require prior information. Tailored is the approach to different datasets, COSMIC RO observation and CHAMP, VEX and MESSENGER magnetic field datasets. The applications provide quantitative descriptions for the ionospheric F2-layer peak, the field-aligned currents at Earth, the induced magnetic field near Venus, and the response of Mercury’s cusp to solar wind variability, respectively. The model constructions and methodology, and the main scientific results are illustrated comparatively.

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