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Planetary Group Seminar: The evolution of planets in disks (W. Kley)

  • Date: Mar 2, 2018
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00
  • Speaker: Willhelm Kley
  • University of Tübingen, Institute for Astronomics & Astrophysics
  • Location: MPS
  • Room: Auditorium
  • Host: Urs Mall
As of today more than 2700 exoplanetary systems containing over 3700 planets have been discovered from the ground or the Kepler space mission. Many systems display orbital dynamics quite different from our own Solar System. An important role is played by the interaction of the growing planet with the ambient disk that will change the orbital elements of a planet. In the talk I will review the important results on the physics of disk driven migration, and will then focus on recent developments on the migration of massive planets in the so called type II migration regime, and in turbulent disks.

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