Publications of U. Schühle

Talk (14)

Gissot, S.; BenMoussa, A.; Giordanengo, B.; Soltani, A.; Saito, T.; Schühle, U.; Kroth, U.; Gottwald, A.: Design and Radiation Hardness of Next Generation Solar UV Radiometers. IEEE Nuclear And Space Radiation Effects (NSREC), Paris, France (2014)
Halain, J.-P.; Rochus, P.; Renotte, E.; Auchère, F.; Berghmans, D.; Harra, L.; Schühle, U.; Schmutz, W.; Zhukov, A.; Cuadrado, R. A. et al.; Delmotte, F.; Dumesnil, C.; Gyo, M.; Kennedy, T.; Mercier, R.; Verbeeck, F.; Thomé, M.; Heerlein, K.; Hermans, A.; Jacques, L.; Mazzoli, A.; Meining, S.; Rossi, L.; Tandy, J.; Smith, P.; Winter, B.: The extreme UV imager of solar orbiter: from detailed design to flight model. Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, Montreal, Canada (2014)
Schühle, U.: Die VUV-Instrumente der Solar Orbiter Mission. 430. Carl-Zeiss-Optikkolloquium, Jena (2014)
Schühle, U.: Design and Space Qualification of a Telescope Mirror for Solar Orbiter SPICE. Seminar Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, Chilton, UK (2014)

Poster (5)

Frassetto, F.; Deppo, V. D.; Zuppella, P.; Romoli, M.; Fineschi, S.; Antonucci, E.; Nicolini, G.; Naletto, G.; Nicolosi, P.; Spadaro, D. et al.; Andretta, V.; Castronuovo, M.; Casti, M.; Capobianco, G.; Massone, G.; Susino, R.; Landini, F.; Pancrazzi, M.; Teriaca, L.; Schühle, U.; Heerlein, K.; Uslenghi, M.: Optical performance of the Metis coronagraph on the Solar Orbiter ESA mission. International Conference on Space Optics - ICSO 2018 , Chania, Greece (2018)
Ramanath, S.; Schühle, U.: Efficiency of Bakeout Methods for Space Materials. International Symposium on Materials in the Space Environment (ISMSE) and the 12th International Conference on Protection of Materials from Space Environment (ICPMSE), Biarritz, France (2018)
Agarwal, J.; Boehnhardt, H.; Curdt, W.; Germerott, D.; Hopp, U.; Inhester, B.; Lara, L.; Oklay, N.; Podlipnik, B.; Ries, C. et al.; Schmidt, M.; Schühle, U.; Snodgrass, C.; Solanki, S.; Stecklum, B.; Teriaca, L.; Tubiana, C.; Vincent, J.-B.: Comet ISON - From Craddle To Grave, The Approach Phase The Perihelion Passage. Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Extraterrestrische Forschung e.V., Berlin, Germany (2014)
Curdt, W.; Böhnhardt, H.; Vincent, J.-B.; Solanki, S.; Teriaca, L.; Schühle, U.: SUMER observations of comet 2012/S1 during perihelion. DPG Frühjahrstagung 2014, Berlin (2014)
Curdt, W.; Böhnhardt, H.; Vincent, J.-B.; Solanki, S.; Teriaka, L.; Schühle, U.: SUMER observations of comet 2012/S1 during perihelion. XIIIth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium "Physics of the solar atmosphere'', Hvar, Croatia (2014)

Report (1)

Lemaire, P.; Vial, J.-C.; Curdt, W.; Schühle, U.; Wilhelm, K.: Sun hydrogen Lyman irradiance lines profiles (Lemaire+, 2015). VizieR Service (2015)
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