The Surface of Mars

Relation between microstructure and mineralogy/chemical composition of Martian soil.

The term microstructure includes size distribution, shape, spectral (reflectance) properties and chemical/mineralogical diversity of soil particles. The high-level goal is to interpret these data in terms of formation and processing history (diagenesis) of Martian soil.

Sub-topics are:

  • Search for organic compounds in Martian soil and terrestrial Mars analog materials (in preparation of the ExoMars-2018 rover mission)
  • Magnetic Properties Experiments on Martian dust.
  • UV Luminescence of Martian dust.
  • Martian soil as imaged by high-resolution imagers (especially the Optical Microscope onboard the Phoenix Mars Lander and the MAHLI High-resolution camera onboard the Curiosity Mars rover)
  • Martian soil as probed by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).
  • Martian soil and rocks as probed by Raman onboard the NASA Mars-2020 rover.

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