Schunker, Hannah

Schunker, Hannah

Main Focus

Solar activity is driven by the evolution and dynamics of the solar magnetic field. The photosphere offers the last visage of the magnetic signature before it is lost below the surface. I am interested in the coupling of the photospheric magnetic field to the subsurface layers, which will  provide more boundary conditions for solar dynamo and solar flux emergence models. An extension of this, is to use asteroseismology to infer not only the structure and rotation, but also the magnetic properties of stars. 
To correctly infer the interior stellar properties it is necessary to understand the physics of the wave interactions with the magnetic field, and much of my work has focused on this research.

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Employment

2006-Post-doc, Department “Solar and Stellar Interiors”, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany
2007 PhD in Astrophysics: Monash University
2002 B.Sc. (First class Honours A, Physics): Adelaide University
2001 B.Sc. (double major in Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics): Adelaide University  
1999 Claire Corani Memorial Prize – Best female second year physics student – Adelaide University 
Selected Publications

Nielsen, M.B., Gizon, L., Schunker, H., Schou, J. “Rotational splitting as a function of mode frequency for six Sun-like stars”, A&A, 568, L12
Schunker, H.
, Gizon, L., Cameron, R.H., Birch, A.C. “Helioseismology of sunspots: how sensitive are travel times to the Wilson depression and subsurface magnetic field?”, 2013, A&A, 558, A130
Schunker, H. “Invited review: Local helioseismology and the active Sun”, 2010, Astronomische Nachrichten
Gizon, L., Schunker, al.  “Helioseismology of Sunspots: A Case Study of NOAA Region 9787”, 2009, Space Science Reviews, 144, 249
Schunker, H., and Cally, P.S.  “Magnetoacoustic Ray Propagation and Conversion in Solar Active Regions”, 2006, MNRAS, 372, 551

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