Hekker, Saskia

Leader Max Planck Research Group
Max Planck Research Group SAGE
+49 551 384 979-264

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Employment

Sept 2013  Research scientist, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, GermanyJ
an 2011 - Aug 2013 Veni fellowship (postdoc), University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 2009 - Dec 2010 Postdoctoral researcher, University of Birmingham, U.K.
Nov 2007 - Dec 2010 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium
Sept 2007 PhD in Physics, Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, Netherlands

Selected Publications

S. Hekker, C. Aerts, J. De Ridder, F. Carrier, ‘Pulsations detected in the line profile variations of red giants. Modeling of line moments, line bisector and line shape’, Astronomy & Astrophysics 2006, 458, 931-940S.
Hekker and J. Meléndez, ‘Precise radial velocities of giants.III. Spectroscopic stellar parameters’, Astronomy & Astrophysics 2007, 475, 1003-1009
J. De Ridder, C. Barban, F. Baudin, F. Carrier, A. Hatzes, S. Hekker, T. Kallinger, W.W. Weiss, A. Baglin, M. Auvergne, R. Samadi, P. Barge, M. Deleuil, ‘Detection of non-radial modes with long mode lifetimes in red giants observed with the CoRoT satellite’, Nature 2009, 459, 398-400
S. Hekker, A.-M. Broomhall, W.J. Chaplin, Y.P. Elsworth, S.T. Fletcher, R. New, T. Arentoft, P.-O. Quirion, H. Kjeldsen, ‘The Octave (Birmingham-Sheffield Hallam) automated pipeline for extracting oscillation parameters of solar-like main-sequence stars’, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2010, 402, 2049
P.G. Beck, T.R. Bedding, B. Mosser, R.A. Garcia, T. Kallinger, S. Hekker, Y. Elsworth, S. Frandsen, F. Carrier, J. De Ridder, C. Aerts, T.R. White, D. Huber, M.-A. Dupret, J. Montalban, A. Miglio, A. Noels, W.J. Chaplin, H. Kjeldsen, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, R.L. Gilliland, T.M. Brown, S.D. Kawaler, S. Mathur, J.M. Jenkins, ‘Detection of gravity-mode period spacings in red giant stars by the Kepler Mission’, Science 2011, 332, 205
P.G. Beck, J. Montalban, T. Kallinger, J. De Ridder, C. Aerts, R.A. Garcia, S. Hekker et al. 'Fast core rotation in red-giant stars as revealed by gravity-dominated mixed mode', Nature 2012, 481, 55-57
S. Hekker, 'CoRoT and Kepler results: solar-like oscillators', Advances in Space Research 2013, 52, p. 1581-1592

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