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MPS Seminar: Exploring the Universe: Synergies in the ESA Science Program (G. Hasinger)

  • Date: Jan 15, 2019
  • Time: 16:30 - 17:30
  • Speaker: Günther Hasinger
  • ESA Director of Science
  • Location: MPS
  • Room: Auditorium
  • Host: Sami Solanki

Science is THE underpinning theme of ESA. As the motor of the spiral of inspiration, innovation, infor­mation exchange and interaction (I4) with the Agency’s stakeholders, science is a key unifying theme of the Agency’s activities. Basic science drives innovation and therefore technological advances, lead­ing to progress and economic development. It drives inspiration and thus the fascination and educa­tion of new generations of scientists and engineers. It drives information exchange and communica­tion with the general public that in the end as taxpayers fund the Agency. And it drives the interaction among scientists, with international partners and with stakeholders, ultimately leading to new pro­jects and the next turn of the I4-spiral. Starting from recent discoveries in astrophysics and space science I give a comprehensive summary of the ESA Science Programme and the strategic development plans for the future. In particular I will give examples of important synergies between different ESA Science missions.

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