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MPS Seminar: Age Sensitivity of Stellar Structure Glitches (S. Garcia)

  • Datum: 10.12.2018
  • Uhrzeit: 10:00 - 11:00
  • Vortragender: Stefano Garcia
  • Department of Astronomy, University of Goettingen / SAGE Research Group, MPS
  • Ort: MPS
  • Raum: Equuleus + Fornax
  • Gastgeber: Saskia Hekker
Acoustic glitches can be used to track the gradual expansion of solar-like stars in the main sequence and therefore they hold potential as a diagnosis of stellar age. I will present the age sensitivity of the glitches produced by the base of the outer convection zone and the second helium ionization zone in stellar models and show how they can deliver ages with precision < 10% when the mass and the composition of the star are known.

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