Update regarding working from home

(according to an email from the managing Director from July 1, 2021)

Dear all,

as the number of new daily coronavirus infections continues to decline, the federal government has decided to adjust occupational health and safety regulations. In particular, as of July 1, there will no longer be a government-imposed home office requirement. The requirement for the employer to offer testing and other protective measures (distance, mask, ventilation, etc.) will remain in place.

The Institute will adjust its regulations accordingly. As of July 1, you will no longer be required to work from home if possible. However, it is still recommended by the crisis team to work from home to the extent reasonably possible, in consultation with your supervisor.

We hope that the infection numbers will continue to decline (despite the delta variant), so that if the vaccination rate is sufficiently high, it may be possible to return to almost normal operations in a few months. This means, in particular, that work will then typically take place on site at the institute again and that it will no longer be automatically possible to work from home. The Workers Council and the Institute's management are discussing an institute agreement on teleworking, which will then specify in detail under which conditions and to what extent working from home will continue to be possible.

Attached, please find a recent letter from the President and the Secretary General concerning the current coronavirus situation.

Best wishes,
Laurent Gizon

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