Vaccinations by the institute's physician

(according to an email from the Managing Director from June 29, 2021)

Dear all,

The vaccinations by the Institute’s physician, Dr. Späth, are now scheduled for Friday, 9.7.2021, in the morning. Since Dr. Späth handles vaccinations for several other companies, the vaccinations will not take place at the institute, but at the company Viani Importe, August-Spindler-Strasse 12, 37079 Göttingen (near Sartorius). Since not very many MPS employees have expressed interest for the vaccination so far (about 15) and since Dr. Späth expects to have sufficient vaccine doses available, we do not see the need for a prioritization. As soon as we receive the information from Dr. Späth about how to make an appointment (probably on July 1, 2021), we will forward this information to those who have expressed interest. Even though Dr. Späth expects to have sufficient vaccine doses available, it is advised to make an appointment without delay.

If you still want to register internally for vaccination with Dr. Späth, please send an e-mail to with your name. As stated in the previous email, Dr. Späth uses the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires a single vaccination only.

Best wishes,
Laurent Gizon

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