Relaxation of current rules

(according to email from the Managing Director from June 16, 2021)

Dear all,

In response to the current decrease of infection numbers, we are relaxing the rules as follows:

  • As of today, you may again eat your meals in the cafeteria. The distance and hygiene rules that you are already familiar with from last autumn will apply again: Up to four people may sit at a table in the courtyard; up to two people may sit at each round table in the foyer; and only one person may sit at each rectangular table in the cafeteria. Please do not move these tables. When waiting in line at the food counter, please continue to keep distance from other people and please wear a mask.
  • For persons who have stayed in a normal risk area abroad, access to the Institute will be facilitated from now on. According to legal regulations, these persons no longer have to observe a quarantine if they can present a negative test result or are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19. Under the same conditions, immediate entry into the institute is then also possible. However, persons who are not fully vaccinated or who have not recovered from a Corona infection within the past six months must perform a Corona self-test on the first and third day of their stay in the Institute. If you feel unwell or have symptoms typical of Corona, please do not enter the institute. Please note that these more relaxed rules do NOT apply to persons entering from high incidence areas or areas of variants of concern.

In addition, please note the following regarding the situation in multi-person offices. It is still recommended that you arrange your hours of presence at the Institute so that these offices are occupied by only one person at a time. If this is not possible and there is a plexiglas partition between workplaces, there is no need to wear a mask at your desk. However, please open the windows frequently and extensively. If someone feels uncomfortable with the removal of the masks, please contact the crisis team. We will try to assist in finding a solution, for example, a temporary move to another office.

Best wishes,
Laurent Gizon

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