Vaccinations by the institute physician

(according to an email from the Managing Director from June 4, 2021)

Dear all,

Our institute physician, Dr. Späth, expects that he will receive doses of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson from June 26 (a single vaccination is sufficient with this vaccine). However, he believes that he will only receive enough doses to vaccinate 10% of all his patients (in addition to the MPS, he serves a number of other companies in Göttingen). Therefore, it cannot be assumed that all institute employees who will want to be vaccinated can be vaccinated by Dr. Späth from June 26. We recommend that all employees who are not vaccinated or registered for vaccination should register on the vaccination portal of the state of Lower Saxony ( and/or with their family doctor on June 7 when the vaccination prioritization is lifted. If you are flexible in the choice of vaccine, you may already try soon to get an appointment with your family doctor. The website ( offers another option. The portal brings together vaccinating physicians and patients willing to be vaccinated. Physicians report here (voluntarily) if they still have vaccine doses available. You can register on the portal on the waiting list. The portal automatically works through the waiting list and will inform you as soon as a physician in the vicinity reports free doses.

The vaccination portal of Lower Saxony as well as the website are unfortunately only available in German. In particular the vaccination portal of Lower Saxony has a lot of information to read. Thus it may be difficult for you to register if you do not understand German reasonably. In that case you may ask one of your German speaking colleagues or the secretary of your group/department for assistance.

Additionally, the MPG has made a centralized reservation for vaccines with occupational health providers, which will be an additional supply source for the institutes. However, there is still no reliable information about the schedule and the number and types of vaccines.

As soon as more precise information is available from Dr. Späth, we will ask who in the Institute is interested in being vaccinated by him. If (as expected) the number of interested people is greater than the number of vaccine doses initially available, the crisis team will prioritize. Preference will be given to the employees whose presence at the institute is urgently required.

Best regards,

Laurent Gizon

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