Self-tests at MPS

(according to email from the Managing Director from April 16, 2021)

Dear all,

Rapid- and self-tests are an increasingly important part of the coronavirus pandemic protection strategy, and companies are encouraged by the government to offer such tests to their employees. However, due to the regulations of the MPG, the MPS is currently only allowed to offer or pay for rapid- or self-tests when there are work situations that justify the use of the tests. The justifications must be documented.

With these restrictions, the Institute would like to offer rapid- or self-tests to its employees from now on. A corresponding institute agreement (see attachment) was signed yesterday by the works council and the institute management. This agreement specifies, among other things, in which cases tests are offered (on a voluntary basis). The crisis team must be informed of any positive test result.

The self-tests can be picked up at the reception if one of the reasons listed in Appendix 1 of the institute agreement applies. At the time of pick-up, a form must be completed and signed, which includes the name of the recipient and the reason for the test. The tests may be performed at the Institute or at home.

The tests are not intended to relax current corona regulations. All employees are still encouraged to work from home in consultation with their supervisors, whenever reasonably possible. Employees who took a test are still required to fully comply with the coronavirus regulations in place on site at the Institute.

It is becoming apparent that companies will be required to offer testing to their employees on a regular basis in the near future. At this time, we will adjust the institute’s agreement accordingly.

We continue to discuss with the MPI for Experimental Medicine about a participation in the PCR tests that are regularly performed there. Unfortunately, this is progressing more slowly than we had hoped for. We still hope that this option will be available in the future.

Best wishes,
Laurent Gizon

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