Message from Work Council:
Pandemic and Well-Being

(according to email from the Work Council from March 25, 2021)

Dear all,

As we have learned this week, life with the pandemic here in Germany unfortunately continues without a return to a normal in sight. The Work Council (Betriebsrat) is fully aware of the situation that these circumstances create additional stress, as well as a sense of isolation, that then needs to be incorporated into everyone’s daily life, which may already be very stressful, depending on one’s circumstances.

We would like to remind everyone once more with this e-mail that the MPG does provide a third-party service free of charge for its employees, available round the clock, in the event that they wish to seek assistance in dealing with their individual situation, as it relates to their well being, pandemic related or otherwise. The staff of this service can mobilize additional resources for you, if needed.

Your contact, as well as usage of this service would be confidential, completely isolated from the institute, so that your private situation is fully protected.

Below are the details.

In addition, all MPS internal channels (Health Management , Work Council, etc.) are also available to assist you.

On behalf of the Work Council
Urs Mall
How does it work?
To schedule an appointment, you can call 0800/387 78 36. Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When calling, make sure to tell the person answering the phone that you are an employee of the Max Planck Society. No further personal information is required. Depending on the issues you are dealing with, you will be referred to an expert that fits your specific situation in psychology, medicine, health science, psychosocial counselling, etc. The experienced team of counsellors at the Fürstenberg Institute offer extensive specialist knowledge and many years of consulting practice.
Specially trained counsellors are available for executives.
Furthermore, contact can also be established by e-mail or online via the website of the Fürstenberg Institute (

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