Returning from a trip, coronavirus testing and attendance planning

(according to email from the Managing Director from 1 February, 2021)

Dear all,

please be aware of the following coronavirus measures:

  1. The first point concerns travelers returning from abroad. The Robert Koch Institute currently distinguishes between risk areas, high-incidence areas, and virus variant areas. A complete list can be found here: (download the PDF file in English "Information on the designation of international risk areas"). The Institute is adapting its rules to take account of these distinctions. If you are returning from a risk area, a high-incidence area, or a virus variant area, you are not allowed to enter the Institute for ten days. If you are returning from a risk area or a high-incidence area, this period may be shortened by presenting a negative test performed at least 5 days after returning. If you are returning from a virus variant area, this possibility does not exist. Since there is some residual risk that a test performed on day 5 will be a false negative, and because variants are considered to be significantly more contagious than the conventional virus, we believe this rule is necessary to protect all employees. Please note that, of course, additional state regulations regarding quarantine and testing must be followed.
  2. If a coronavirus test is performed at the Institute's request (e.g. if you are urgently required to work at the Institute before the quarantine expires), the Institute will cover the costs of the test. Please pay for the test and keep all receipts so the Institute can later reimburse you. Or, if you do not wish to pay upfront, please involve our purchasing department and place the order before the test is performed.
  3. The last point concerns attendance planning in the three scientific departments. Please keep in mind that the links to the online attendance planning forms for the three science departments serve two purposes: First, we want to ensure that only a small number of people are simultaneously present on the department floors at any given time. Second, these links serve to track potential contacts should a positive coronavirus case occur (the data are not kept longer than one month). Therefore, I would like to remind you again to always use this planning tool before coming to the institute. This applies to all persons whose offices are located on the department floors -- even if they also need to separately plan their attendance within any particular project.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the crisis management team at Likewise, you may contact a member of the crisis management team directly, who will then anonymously bring your concerns to the attention of the crisis management team.

Best wishes,

Laurent Gizon

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