Implications of the extended lockdown

(according to email from the Managing Director from January 8, 2021)

Dear all,

As you have surely already gathered from the media, the previously existing lockdown has been extended until January 31 and some regulations have become stricter. I would like to comment briefly on a few points that affect the Institute:

  • Secondary schools in Lower Saxony will remain closed until the end of January; elementary schools in Lower Saxony will switch to Scenario B as of January 18, i.e., children will be taught on-site in half classes on alternating days. Kindergartens will remain closed through the end of the month except for emergency care. Those of you who need to supervise their children at home due to the school and kindergarten closures are allowed to work from home (as best they can) if your presence at the institute is not urgently needed. In case this leads to serious conflicts for you, you can contact Birgit Krummheuer from the crisis management team. Within the context of the information currently available, this may help you consider possible options.
  • In some federal states, there may be a restriction of movement to a radius of 15 kilometers around the respective place of residence for certain areas (e.g., counties where the 7-day incidence exceeds 200). However, this restriction applies only to activities without "good cause." In particular, the way to work is excluded from this. According to the information available so far, there is also no need to carry a confirmation from the employer, as no roadside checks will be carried out.
  • The cafeteria will remain open, but as of Monday will only offer meals that are to be consumed in your own office. In case you bring food from home, this should also be eaten in your own office. An exception applies only to persons who do not have an office or own work area suitable for this purpose. They may continue to eat their meals in the cafeteria or foyer. In this case, please make sure to keep as much distance as possible from other people and, in particular, do not move tables or chairs. As before, you are asked to register for lunch at the reception desk.

Please also be reminded again to carefully observe all current hygiene and distancing rules at the Institute. In particular, social gatherings to celebrate are not appropriate at this time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the crisis team at or speak to an individual member of the crisis team. If you wish, your request can then be shared anonymously with the crisis team.

Laurent Gizon

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