Additional recommendations

(according to email from the Managing Director from December 21st, 2020)

Dear all,

in the right column is a letter from the President of the MPG regarding the current Coronavirus situation. He recommends to reduce significantly presence at the Institute during the lockdown period, e.g., by strongly encouraging employees to work from home whenever it is reasonable. Another suggestion would have been to agree with the Works Council on compulsory institute holidays (and closing the institute) for the period from Christmas day until January 10 -- We do not consider such a measure to be appropriate for the MPS at this point. When home office and institute holidays are not a reasonable option, the President recommends that the institute management ask employees to take holidays or reduce overtime to minimize the number of people on site during the current lockdown. He emphasizes that it is essential to reduce contacts and reduce the on-site presence, in particular to protect the employees whose presence at the institutes is still required.

I would like to repeat here what I emphasized in my email a week ago:

  • All employees who can reasonably work from home and whose presence at the MPS is not urgently required are asked to do so in consultation with their supervisors.
  • All those who continue to work on site are asked to observe strictly the hygiene rules (in particular keeping distance, wearing masks) and to ventilate their rooms regularly and extensively.
  • FFP2 masks must be used when working in the Institute if a minimum distance of two meters from other people cannot be maintained. Such masks are available at the reception.

In addition, I ask everyone, in particular those who cannot reasonably work from home and who do not necessarily have to be present at the Institute, to take holidays or reduce overtime during the current lockdown.

Foreign employees who are considering traveling abroad to visit their families during the holidays should be aware that a 10-day quarantine is mandatory when returning to Germany from a risk area (currently includes 155 countries). This can be shortened by a negative Covid-19 test, but this is only possible at the earliest on the fifth day after re-entry, and the test is not free of charge in most cases.

Best wishes,

Laurent Gizon

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